Weekly Service Contract

Service Agreement

Riverline Pool Service LLC.

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Pool Maintenance Service Agreement



A fee of 18% will be added to every invoice paid after 30 days

~Please Read Thoroughly & Keep A Copy For Your Reference~

Riverline Pool Service LLC agrees to service the above owner’s swimming pool/spa and the above owner does hereby agree to pay for the service outlined below in accordance with the terms hereinafter set forth in this agreement. Service will be provided 1-2 times per week except in inclement weather or if service day falls on a holiday. (Customers serviced twice a week will have agreed for 2 services per week ahead of time.) All weekly services are billed monthly after the month is over and sent out in the first week of the following month. Upon equipment failure and/or extreme weather implications, extra visits will be charged accordingly.

Repair Consent: Repairs to pool support equipment may be made by the company without pool owner’s prior consent, in an amount not to exceed $250.00 including parts and labor. Repairs over this amount shall be approved verbally or in writing by the customer.

Weekly Cleanings include:

-Test and balance water weekly

-Vacuum pool bottom, brush pool floor, brush walls/waterline

-Empty all pump and skimmer baskets

-Backwash sand filter, charge D.E. filter, or hose off/deep clean cartridge as needed

-Inspect all equipment for proper operation

Weekly Chemical Checks include:

-Test and balance water weekly/bi-weekly

-Empty pump and skimmer baskets

-Inspect all equipment for proper operation

Riverline Pool Service will not be responsible for the following:

-Keeping all trees, plants, and shrubs trimmed back from the pool

-Excess debris in pool due to acts of nature, vandalism, or lawn maintenance (it

is the customer’s responsibility to inform their landscapers of any problems they are causing that we have reported to the customer) Extra charges apply.

-Lost animals, no animals should be outside when our technicians are on sight, no exceptions.

-Solar covers need to be removed, gates unlocked and animals put up before the technician arrives. If the solar cover is still on the pool, the technician reserves the right to leave and continue their route. Solar covers should be removed by the customer prior to technician’s arrival. If the cover has not been removed, customers are subject to a trip charge of $85. Service resumed when possible.

-Please contact our office if you will be out of town for a long period of time so we can keep an extra eye on the pool.

-Contact office at least 10 days before a party or special event that will cause your service to be rescheduled.

-Please contact us at least 14 days before a party or gathering at your home to maintain the pool’s integrity upon guests’ arrival.

Exclusions, Exceptions, and Additional Charges

-If your cleaning falls on a holiday, the cleaning will be done the day before or the day after.

-If the cleaning day falls during inclement weather: We will check the equipment, baskets, chemicals, and vacuum if possible. If not possible, the following day.

 -If you have yard service: There will be an additional charge of $85 for a return trip if leaves, grass or any debris blown into the pool.


UPON OPENING: if you choose our “Clean & Clear” process, which entails getting your pool in safe swimming condition – THIS IS NOT INCLUDED IN OUR OPENING PRICE. Each trip is $85 plus chemicals by the pound. 


Conditions of Maintenance Contract:

Our technician will look over all your equipment at each visit. If our technician notices any issues, you will be notified. Additional work to repair equipment will be done at our standard service rates. (An estimate will be provided prior to repairs if amount exceeds $250) As a valued weekly service customer, you will receive top priority scheduling with any repairs needed.


By agreeing to this contract, you allow Riverline Pool Service to be present on the property where your pool/spa is located for any allocated time necessary to complete the tasks required for the maintenance of said pool/spa. As such, it is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain safe and clear access to the pool/spa and free of all animal droppings. If your pool/spa is in a secured area, we ask you to provide us with a key marked with your name or code necessary to get into the area. For the safety of our staff and prevention of liability, the path to and surrounding area of the pool/spa must be clear of obstacles (toys, furniture, yard equipment, animal waste etc.) and pets must be secured prior to the arrival of our maintenance technician. Our technicians should not at any time come in contact with pets. No solar covers, inflatables nor any toys or furniture shall be in the pool prior to the arrival of our technicians. We reserve the right to skip your property for a day (with trip charge $85.00) if there is no access (locked gate, blocked driveway, unsafe conditions, swimmers, inflatable toys/sinkers in pool, solar cover still on) to pool/spa at time of arrival and return at our convenience.



Your pool maintenance is performed on a weekly basis. Since every pool/spa is unique, we cannot provide specific times of cleanings. We may need to adjust our schedule as needed due to weather conditions, holidays, or unforeseen conditions.


If problems arise that interfere with your pool/spa maintenance between visits or you notice a problem, visible algae, please call to inform us at (860) 581-8012 as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly.


You will be billed based on the maintenance options chosen from the table on page 3. Itemized invoices are sent out the first week of the month after maintenance. As a reminder, the cost of chemicals is not included in the price of weekly maintenance. Maintenance technicians only apply chemicals purchased from Riverline Pool Service LLC, no exceptions. Riverline Pool Service LLC reserves the right to suspend or cancel maintenance for your pool/spa due to an overdue balance or non-payment. All invoices are subject to an 18% late fee after 30 days of an overdue balance. After 60 days another 18% fee will be added. After 90 days another 18% fee will be added etc.

**IMPORTANT: We ask that you maintain proper water levels in between visits. Evaporation and swimmer water splash out are the most common reasons you need to add water. The water level should be at the middle of the skimmer for us to vacuum or maintain your pool/spa. The customer is responsible for keeping the appropriate water level and is subject to additional charges if the technician has to leave and return due to low water level**

It is not recommended for children or pets to swim within 2 hours of chemical application.

Pricing for Basic Services

Weekly Cleaning

$95+tax per week plus chemicals/parts as needed

Vinyl Opening/Closing $385 plus tax = $409.45

Gunite Opening/Closing $435 plus tax = $462.62

Gunite Opening/Closing w/ raised spa $495 plus tax = $526.43

Trip charge - $85 plus tax

Reserve your weekly cleaning spot, and the approx. date you want your pool opened by mailing in a payment for the appropriate pool opening amount.

(See above for pricing)

A separate invoice for the Clean & Clear Process

will be sent once it has been completed


This agreement may be canceled at any time by either. Customer must provide a 10 day notice of cancellation. Riverline Pool Service LLC agrees to service the customer's pool/spa as stated above, providing said customer keeps all pool/spa support equipment and interior finish of pool/spa in good condition. We reserve the right to refuse any job due to outdated equipment. Pool owner does also agree to keep in good repair all gates, walkways/other pool areas as necessary. Pool owner does understand and acknowledge that he/she is responsible for all costs relative to servicing and/or repairing said pool or spa. All equipment necessary to the proper servicing of said pool and/or spa shall be paid in accordance with these same terms and conditions. A deposit is required for any large upgrades. (Equipment, liners etc.)

Rate for Weekly Service shall be $95 per service visit, plus the cost of chemicals/parts used.

All invoices will be emailed to the customer. The customer can pay through the link provided in the email, over the phone or by check. If invoice exceeds $2,500.00, a 3% upcharge will be applied if paying by credit card. The customer is responsible for making sure they have received their invoice. If the customer has not received an invoice by the tenth of the month, the customer should check their spam folder and contact the office if it is still not found.

By signing up for weekly service, the customer is agreeing to these terms.

*If email is not an option for the customer, the customer must specify upon scheduling any type of service.*


The ONLY viable means of contacting us are by using this email info@riverlinepools.com or our office line 860-581-8012

Under no circumstances will a customer be given a technician’s cell phone number. Any attempt of cancellation must be sent in these two forms of contact only for us to be held responsible.


A copy of these terms and conditions should be kept by the customer to refer to whenever they may need. Service will not be done unless this contract is signed and received by our office.


If you have any questions on what services entail, there is a list of details with pricing above & on our website and an FAQ tab.



Please provide signature and payment info. on following page, keep pages 1-4.

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Credit Card Info:

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Thank you for choosing Riverline Pool Service LLC.