Weekly Service Contract

Service Agreement


Weekly Maintenance Service Contract

~Please Read Thoroughly & Keep for Your Reference~

It is REQUIRED to provide a credit card to begin any service.

All outstanding invoices at end of season will be automatically charged.


Riverline Pool Service LLC agrees to service the signed client’s swimming pool/spa. The signed client does hereby agree to pay for the service outlined below in accordance with the terms in this agreement. Service will be provided 1-2 times per week. (Clients serviced twice a week will have agreed for 2 services per week ahead of time.) All weekly services are billed monthly after the month is over, invoices are sent out in the first week of the new month. Upon equipment failure and/or extreme weather implications, extra visits ($95) will be charged accordingly.


Weekly Cleanings Include:


-Test and balance water every visit

-Vacuum pool bottom, brush pool floor, brush walls/waterline as needed

-Empty all pump and skimmer baskets

-Backwash sand/D.E. filter, charge D.E. filter, or rinse/deep clean cartridge as needed

-Inspect all equipment for proper operation every visit

$118.00 per visit plus chemicals by the pound/ounce.

(Skipping a visit because the pool “looks good” is prohibited. If we must work around a day for other lawn care etc., please give us ample notice.)


Chemical Checks Include:

-Test and balance water weekly/bi-weekly

-Empty pump and skimmer baskets

-Inspect all equipment for proper operation

$95.00 per visit

 plus chemicals by the pound/ounce.


Conditions of Maintenance Contract:


The assigned technician will look over all the equipment at each visit. If the technician notices any issues, the client will be notified. Additional work to repair equipment will be done at our standard service rates. (A verbal or written quote will be provided prior to repairs if the amount exceeds $250) Being a valued weekly service client includes receiving top priority scheduling with any repairs needed.



-A. Pool maintenance is performed on a weekly basis. Since every pool/spa is unique, specific times of service cannot be provided. RPS may need to adjust the schedule as needed due to weather conditions, holidays, or unforeseen conditions. If a client requests to skip a week, the client will still be charged $118.00 for that week.

-B. If service falls on a holiday, maintenance will be provided on the day before or after. If another yard service is scheduled that day give notice to the office.

-C. If there is a storm, as a weekly client, it is a top priority to reclaim the pool’s integrity as soon as possible. Email photos of any damage.



By signing this contract, client grants Riverline Pool Service technicians’ access to the property (providing key or code) where the pool is located for the allocated time necessary to complete the tasks required for the maintenance of said pool and agree to all client responsibilities as follows.



Invoices are made at the end of each month and sent out in the first week of the new month via email. If a mailed copy is preferred, please contact the office. A 2.9% convenience fee is added to all invoices.

Homeowner is Responsible for the Following:

-A. Keep all trees, plants, and shrubs trimmed back from the pool as well as keeping water level at operating level (halfway up skimmer face).

-B. All pets should be secured prior to our arrival, no animals should be outside when technicians are on sight, no exceptions. Riverline Pool Service will not be held liable for any pet-related incidents. The pool area must be free of all animal droppings.

-C. Client shall ensure a clear, safe path to the pool area and all equipment, free of bushes/thorns/plants, animal droppings, furniture, toys, etc.

-D. Solar covers need to be removed, gates unlocked (or key/code provided) before the technician arrives. If the solar cover is still on the pool, or there is no access due to lock or blocked driveway, the technician reserves the right to leave and continue their route. Solar covers should be removed by the client prior to the technician’s arrival. If the solar cover has not been removed, clients are subject to a trip charge of $95. Service resumed when possible. All toys (floating or sinking) shall be removed prior to our arrival.

-E. Please contact the office if you will be out of town for any amount of time so we can empty skimmer baskets etc.

-F. Contact office at least 14 days before a party or special event that will cause your service to be rescheduled and/or to ensure the pool’s integrity for the event.

-G. Excess debris in pool due to acts of nature, vandalism, or lawn maintenance incur extra charges (it is the client’s responsibility to inform their landscapers of any problems being caused that we have reported to the client, for example, landscapers should bag all grass etc.)

-H. Client is responsible for paying invoices on time, within 30 days of issuance. RPS reserves the right to suspend service due to non-payment.

-I. If any problems are noticed between visits, algae/green/cloudiness, please contact the office.

Client Billing Info.

Please note that the only viable means of contacting us are by using this email address: info@riverlinepools.com

or the office line 860-581-8012

(The office line DOES NOT receive text messages)

This page must be completed in full and signed for maintenance to begin.

(Even if client plans to pay by check)

Your card will never be charged without your permission throughout the season. 

Your card will be charged automatically if there are outstanding balances in December.


Name:_________________________________ Date___/___/2023


City:_____________________________  State:____ Zip:_______

Gate Code:_____________

Phone:__________________ Alt. Phone:____________________


(*Email Now Required for Billing*)

Credit Card Info:

Name on Card:_____________________________ VISA/MC/AMEX

Card Number: _____________________________

Expiration Date: __________

Security Code: ___________



Signature x__________________________________________

Thank you for choosing Riverline Pool Service LLC.