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Pump / Filter / Heater / Liner / Salt System Installations - Prices Vary


Pool Closings/Openings:

**Please make sure cover is free of any leaves/debris PRIOR to our arrival**

If pool cover is not free of debris upon arrival and we have not been informed beforehand, your pool may be skipped 


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* Vinyl Pool Opening/Closing - $395.00 +Tax


* Gunite Pool Opening/Closing- $445.00 +Tax

Includes same services as above plus:

* Gunite Pool with RAISED Hot Tub - $499.00 +Tax

Includes all services listed above

(the price change only applies to spas on a different level from the pool)



The Clean & Clear process is an additional charge of $95 per trip plus the cost of any chemicals needed. Only the initial 5 gallon shock treatment is included in the opening price.

If you would like your equipment disconnected and stored out of the elements at the end of the season, please request upon scheduling closing.

Pool Maintenance: 

* Weekly Cleaning $118.00 per visit +Tax +Chemicals as needed:

This price includes the first hour of vacuuming all pool surfaces (gunite, fiberglass, vinyl)

Inspecting pump, heater, filter, salt generator, etc.

Backwashing filter system

Brushing of water line

Cleaning of skimmer/pump baskets

Skimming of pool surface

Testing water chemistry

Adding chemicals as needed

* Bi-Weekly Cleaning: No longer available

*Bi-Weekly Chem Check: $95.00 per visit (Mondays Only)

This does not include a vacuuming. If a cleaning is   requested it will be billed at our normal hourly rate of $125.00 covering the first hour of vacuuming & can only be scheduled on Mondays. Chemicals are charged by the pound/gallon in addition to the $95 trip charge.

Upon Opening:

If you are planning to be swimming for Memorial Day, please give us as much notice as possible. The amount of visits for the Clean & Clear process to be completed varies with each different pool. It is crucial during this process that the equipment be left on the setting your technician placed it on. To ensure your pool is sparkling and ready, we suggest opening up AT LEAST 2 weeks prior so that we can have enough time to get your water balanced, equipment functioning properly, and surface (liner/gunite) free of debris. This applies to holidays/parties throughout the Summer, the more notice we have about a party, the better we can schedule our services to make sure you pool is party ready!

If you open your own pool & want it cleaned professionally, ask for:

* Clean & Clear Process: $95.00 +Tax per visit plus chemicals

Note: Cleanings are not included in the price of pool openings or closings.


The Clean & Clear process will give you a clean, chemically balanced, safe, gin clear pool with no effort on your part. Let our experienced staff turn over to you a perfectly clean, clear and chemically balanced pool by your Memorial Day party without any work or hassle. All pools should be opened AT LEAST 2 weeks before any parties to guarantee safe water.

Service Calls:

Service calls: $125.00/hr + Chemicals and/or Parts as Needed.

One time cleanings are priced at $125.00 for the vacuum process (first hour) plus chemicals added by the pound/ounce. Each following hour of labor is $99.00.

One time cleanings are not always available and will only be scheduled on Mondays.

*One time cleanings often end up requiring more than one visit depending on the status of the pool on the first visit. This can happen because some chemicals cannot be added at the same time or a second vacuuming may be needed in which case an additional $99 will be charged*


Liner installations on

In-Ground Pools ONLY!

Courtesy of Latham <<Click

to explore 2024 liner options

Beat The Heat!

The earlier your pool is opened the better. Pools opened in April result in lower cleaning costs.

Once the weather warms up, algae blooms very quickly.

To secure a pool opening in April/Early May contact us in March.

Weekly service customers will be contacted by us to reserve their openings first.

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As always, thank you for choosing Riverline Pool Service.

Free analysis of water chemistry from our certified expert when you bring in a pool sample to be tested using our Spin Lab.

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*It is strongly advised that all pool water be chemically balanced and free of phosphates, nitrates and debris before closing. This makes opening the pool easier and gets you and your family swimming in less visits come spring time!*