If I need something repaired, how long does it take to get someone out?

That depends on what needs to be repaired. If it's something PVC related or anything we have in stock, it can be completed in our soonest available time slot. If it's a simple pump motor change it can be done within a day or two. If your heater fails, we may need to order new parts first which could take a about a week. If it happens to be a part that we have to order from the company that makes it, it could take several weeks just for us to receive the part. When then this happens, we will usually bring in a 3rd party who stocks those parts to complete the repair.

How long does it take for my pool to be clean after opening?

All pools are different. If you can't see the bottom upon opening, that's going to take a few trips. Not all chemicals can be added together, so sometimes we have to only add a few and let them circulate for a day or so. Once the chemistry is balanced enough, to where the bottom can be seen, the pool can then be vacuumed. If you have your pool professionally closed by us, the turn around in the Spring is much quicker. Especially if you schedule your opening in April or early May before it gets hot! Algae loves dark, damp, warm places so the sooner that cover comes off, the better!

If I call to schedule a service call, what is the likelihood of someone coming out that day?

If you're a weekly customer, it's very possible! If not, unfortunately, it will be tough to make a same day stop happen. Our small staff services over 100 weekly clients! That means each technician has at least ten stops to make almost every single day before anything new can be added on to their route. Service calls will almost always fall on the following Monday. 

How do I clean my safety cover?

Many swimming pool owners bypass this step entirely, but not cleaning the cover before storing can be a mistake. To clean the cover, you will want to spread it out on a clean section of your lawn and clean it thoroughly using a mild detergent mixed with water. Or, you can use a safe and effective spray-on cover cleaner. If the pool cover is extremely dirty, then you can use a pool brush to scrub the dirt and grime from the cover. Rinse the soapy water or cover cleaner from the cover using a hose and let it dry. Be careful not to let your cover sit on your grass for an extended period of time or it can harm your lawn. In many cases, the cover can just be laid out in the sun to dry without needing to be cleaned - which is what we do upon opening pools if the cover is wet. Cover cleanings are NOT covered in Pool Opening prices.

How do I clean my automatic pool cover?


**If your pool pump fails, go to this page for tips to keep water moving until repair!**


The quickest way to get your pump motor replaced is by

sending a clear picture of the shiny label on your motor to our email address; info@riverlinepools.com

It is important that the HP is visible in this photo.