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**Weekly Maintenance Professionals**

Attention Weekly Customers:

Beginning March 2021, it is required that all regular maintenance customers read and sign our brief service contract. The contract authorizes our technicians' access to the pool and explains the thorough service you'll be receiving including all details of what we are, and what we are not responsible for. By signing up for weekly or bi-weekly service, you are agreeing to the contract terms. If you have not already, please refer to the "Contract" tab.

We kindly ask you, our valued customers, to please be mindful of our technicians time. We are short handed this year, as is everyone, and it is important to us that our time is used wisely. Please note, in our weekly service contract it states that you agree to have a clear safe path to the pool, a yard free of pets (for their safety and ours), solar covers removed, and no toys of any kind in the pool. If you have scheduled weekly maintenance and haven’t signed our weekly contract yet, please review the “Contract” tab. It includes everything that we are and are not responsible for, as well as granting us permission to be on your property.

Thank you,

-The Team at Riverline Pool Service LLC.