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All Of Our Employees Are Certified In Water Testing Through NC Pro Training

Home of the Clean & Clear Process

Our Clean & Clear process is a varying series of treatments that gets your pool looking great within days upon opening with zero work from you! 5 gallons of liquid shock are added to start and a sample of your H2O is then tested to see what other chemicals your pool requires. Chemicals are usually within their proper range after 2-4 visits. (Some cases could need more visits depending on results after testing) Once the levels are where they need to be, we offer weekly maintenance to keep your pool sparkling. If you would rather service the pool yourself we suggest bringing a pool water sample to our shop at least once a month or every other week so you can add chemicals as needed. The more often you have your H2O tested, the easier it is to maintain safe, clear water to swim in.

Why it's important to close your pool professionally;

 Before storing, our certified professionals make sure your filter media is as clean as possible to ensure proper filtration for the next season. Sometimes media may need to be brought back to our home base and acid dipped, then rinsed in our barrel system. They will then be returned to you and stored out of the elements. In addition to that, having balanced chemistry creates the best condition to close your pool in. When closed properly, opening your pool is a breeze and your family has safe swimming water in less visits come Spring!

Cleanings = $125.00 per visit Plus Chemicals as Needed

Attention Weekly Customers:

Beginning March 2021, it is required that all regular maintenance customers read and sign our service contract. The contract authorizes our technicians' access to the pool and explains the thorough service you'll be receiving including all details of what we are, and what we are not responsible for. By signing up for weekly service, you are agreeing to the contract terms.

If you have not yet signed the contract, please refer to the "Contract" tab or email us to request the contract via DocuSign.

Previously located in Centerbrook, CT;

Riverline Pool Service LLC. now services you from Essex, CT. Our new location is 23 Saybrook Road, Suite 12. It is located in the industrial park with Clark Group, Paraco Gas, Sapia and Talpey Construction. If you are facing the fire house, enter the parking lot to the right and follow the fence along the right side of the building until you see our signs. If you find yourself at Sunset Pond, turn around, you've passed us!

Brand New liner 2017

Installed by: Jeffrey Davis II, Eric Woodford, & Buzz Adams

Riverline Pool Service LLC is a small family business owned by Jeffery Davis II of Westbrook, CT. When Jeff first started his business, he serviced swimming pools out of a refurbished ambulance where he would store any chemicals he would need in large barrels. The phone line was a cell phone. Ten years later; he is excited to announce that after a few years of having a successful retail shop in Centerbrook; Riverline Pool Service has now relocated to a bigger facility in Essex to better suit all your pool needs. His team consists of fully trained pool service professionals. Your pool is in great hands here, you will not be disappointed!